Using Synthetic Turf Fields for Rainwater Harvesting


 Life Sports Turf and Life Water IQ redesign artificial sports field drainage to collect rainwater. Saving client's money whilst preserving water.

When looking to do rainwater harvesting for a property there are two vital variables, precipitation levels and surface area. And what greater surface area for rainwater harvesting than an artificial grass sports field?

By using the correct drainage Life Sports Turf and Life Water IQ have joined forces to custom-make a synthetic turf field with a rainwater and/or greywater catchment unit build into the design.

 Rainwater harvesting and grey water collection units

The current water crisis in South Africa means all schools, properties and stadiums should be conserving water. Rain collecting on astroturfs or synthetic soccer pitches is wasted and washed away in urban water runoff. What the two divisions of Life Green Group, have done is built in a drainage system in the field design that collects in rainwater storage tanks.

The placement, size and type of storage tank as well as the water treatment process can vary depending on the client's request and gradient. A commercial grey water recycling unit is the size of four parking bays.

Putting the rainwater storage tank below the ground is more costly but more aesthetically pleasing. That being said, the catchment tanks do not have to be below the ground it can be adjacent to the fields. Life Sports turf is also able to put perimeter drains on all sports field and tennis courts that lead to a central catchment area.

A rainwater collection unit is most effective in areas with high rainfall like Durban or Gauteng.

 The benefits of using your sports field to collect rainwater

  • The collection unit can be below the ground and therefore more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The rainwater collected can be used to water the grass sports fields in the vicinity.
  • The rainwater collection unit can be joined with a grey water recycling unit and treated so the water can be used to flush toilets and water gardens; therefore, reducing the sewage charge of the client.
  • Rainwater can be used to clean and maintain water-based astroturfs
  • Our synthetic sports fields are made from recycled material.
  • Synthetic sports fields are less maintenance, cost-effective and make for faster play.
  • This water recycling system can be replicated on a domestic level with perimeter drainage on a garden multi-court or tennis court.
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