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For nearly three decades, Brands Tree Felling has been helping people protect and care for their trees. We see trees as an asset to the community and only recommend felling a tree when there is no other option.

Most of our work consists of tree care and tree maintenance services such as pruning, treating diseases and infestations, and educating home owners on the value of trees. Did you know that mature, established trees can add as much as 20% to the value of your property?

Brands Tree Felling is a family business with a reputation for delivering a professional and reliable service. We offer free quotes and unrivaled customer service. Our teams are punctual, friendly and accommodating. Once the job has been completed to your satisfaction, we’ll leave your garden neat and tidy – it’s all part of our service.

As you would expect from a professional tree feller, our staff are well-trained and certified in operating chainsaws, first aid, arboriculture and more. We have all the right equipment to prune and remove trees, grind stumps and clear building sites. Brands also carries public liability insurance up to R20 million.

Make an appointment with our certified horticulturist and let Brands ensure your trees live a long and healthy life. Or see our blog for more tree care tips and advice.


Tree care, tree maintenance and tree felling services

If a tree poses a danger to people, property or powerlines, you have no option but to remove it. This is a job for the professionals and you won’t find a tree feller more professional than Brands. Accredited and insured (public liability up to R20 million), you can trust Brands to safely remove dangerous trees and leave the site clean and tidy.

Felled trees can be chopped into firewood and left on site, or chipped branches can be turned into nutritious mulch for your garden.


You should have your trees pruned at least once a year. With regular maintenance, problems with diseases and pests can be dealt with before they affect the health of your trees.

Thinning trees allows light and air to penetrate dark areas and reduces the chance of fungal infections. Trees that grow in confined spaces should also be trimmed to minimise the risk of damage to property.

Brands Tree Felling employs a certified horticulturist who is always available to inspect your trees and offer advice on proper care and treatment.


Removing a stump requires specialist equipment that should only be operated by professionals. Brands Tree Fellers can remove stumps manually, with an excavator or with a tractor backhoe loader. Alternatively, a stump grinder can be used to grind the stump down to 30cm below ground level.

Preparing a site for a new building can take a lot of effort. Over the years, Brands Tree Fellers has worked with countless developers and builders. Site clearing may involve tree felling and destumping. Whatever your requirements may be, Brands Tree Felling has the tools and experience to clear a site quickly, leaving it ready for building to commence.


Stump Removal


Site Clearing

Tree branches, bark and trimmings can all be fed through a wood chipper to make mulch. As any experienced gardener will tell you, mulch is a marvellous material to use in your garden. It provides protection from heat and cold, releases nutrients back into the soil and stops water from evaporating too quickly – which means you don’t have to water as often.

Brands Tree Felling uses off-cuts to make wonderful, organic mulch that can be delivered to your door.


Mulch Sales

The Importance of Choosing The Right Tree Feller

There are many tree fellers advertising their services in every neighbourhood. But don’t go with just any tree feller – your trees deserve better.

Brands Tree Felling has spent 27 years building their reputation in the industry. You and your trees will benefit from our considerable knowledge and experience. We treat our customers and their trees the right way – and that’s what keeps them coming back.

In the hands of an inexperienced or unprofessional tree feller, your trees could suffer extensive damage. Don’t put your trees at risk and waste your money. At Brands Tree Felling we don’t believe in ‘topping trees’ and we won’t remove a tree unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you want your trees to live a long and happy life, choose the right tree feller. Choose Brands Tree Felling.


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