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 A Lovely, lively living wall to add colour to the office.

Living walls – the interior plantscaper's response to a lack of space.
Having the word, Life, as part of our company name requires that we live up to the name. So Life Indoors has made sure our offices are full of living plants and has even gone as far as to add a living wall in our reception.
Living walls, not only add life to dull office walls with an ever-blossoming array of foliage and flowers, but also enhance the office space with positive health benefits of indoor plants.

Along with roof gardens, green walls help provide cleaner air and provide buildings with thermal insulation naturally. In Scandinavia, specifically Norway, the roofs of buildings where literally green, known as sod roofs. Sod roofs where used by Vikings to stabilise and insulate buildings. Some sod roofs even had trees.
Fast forward to the 21st Century, living walls, also known as eco-walls, green walls or vertical walls, have become an incredibly efficient use of space that allows for even more plants to fit into offices.
Indoor plants thwart fatigue, reduce stress, remove toxins and add moisture and oxygen to stale office air and improve overall well-being. Life Indoors, along with Life Landscapes offers a variety of ideas, arrangements and systems for achieving this lively new trend.

Types of living walls:Large custom-designed interior living walls

Custom-designed frames are what add the uniqueness and individuality to an office space. Give your office space exclusivity with a custom-designed living wall that will provide infinite enjoyment for you and be a striking focal point to guests.

Live Picture green walls

This living wall turns plants into oil plantings. Live Picture walls allow nature and art to converge by installing this living wall system on any wall available in the office.

Free-standing living walls

They are ideal for leased space or floor plans that change over time as these living walls are freestanding and movable. They can be placed anywhere in an office space and are great for creating dividers and creating privacy.

Exterior living walls

An exterior green wall is a big statement for a business and is ideal for commercial and residential property. It can turn wasted external walls into vertical outdoor gardens pollinated with indigenous plants. They can enhance cityscape and add stunning green impact. There is no other sign of the green revolution than a vertical garden

Contributed by Life Landscapes
Written by: Jade Calder

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