About Us

Peninsula Landscaping is a leading commercial and residential landscaping company delivering complete commercial & residential landscaping services. Founded in 1994 Peninsula Landscaping continues to serve the Cape Peninsula and surrounding areas with projects, as diverse as our clients. The consistent goal however remains the same; our dedicated team is committed to delivering a high standard of work efficiently, ethically and on time.


Commercial Landscaping

We have the capacity to undertake landscaping projects directly with clients as well as in conjunction with landscape architects, developers and civils contractors.

We have the expertise to undertake a full range of commercial landscaping service including:

  • Office / Retail / Residential developments
  • Public road verges
  • Coastal reclamation projects
  • Fencing (post and rail)
  • Ground cultivation and site preparation and preparation
  • Grass sod laying
  • Irrigation
  • Paving
  • Plant sourcing
  • Play equipment installation
  • Retaining walls
  • Tree felling
  • Tree transplants

Residential Landscaping

Landscape design is the conscious arrangement of outdoor space that is aesthetically pleasing for human enjoyment and satisfaction. A well designed home landscape offers pleasure to the family and adds to the property’s resale value.

Whether you are wondering how to landscape or trying to gather landscaping ideas, possibly the most important aspect of landscaping, the planning process, is often neglected – this is where we can help you. When we begin planning the landscape design we think about the entire space and the overall effect you want to achieve.

With our 25 years’ experience in landscaping we can organize your site for maximum use and pleasure, creating a visual relationship between your home and garden.
Peninsula Landscaping can save you time, effort, and in the long term money, by identifying your personal needs which will help us design a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable and functional. With expert advice, we can choose the right plants for the site and soil conditions on your property. The result is a beautiful garden design which can be enjoyed for many years which will continue adding value to your property.





Landscaping Maintenance

Peninsula Landscaping provides full-service landscape maintenance for commercial, industrial & municipal properties. We participate in maintenance contracts put to tender as well as the private market corporate clients landscaping maintenance needs.

We can design a landscaping maintenance programme to suit your site and budget covering all aspects of the landscape including irrigation efficiency, plant health, turf care and remedial landscaping when necessary.

Maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the landscaping continues to fulfill the role intended i.e. to enhance the outdoor space for your enjoyment, remain an asset to your investment and create an environmentally friendly area within an urban setting.

Our landscape management philosophy approaches the maintenance of the landscape from a comprehensive, long-term perspective. We understand the needs of the landscape including soil, plant material and the specific ecosystem. Through our landscape assessment plan, we also include your budgetary and site management requirements into our program.

  • General cleaning and weeding of beds
  • Re-planting annuals
  • Straightening or re-staking trees
  • Lawn mowing, topdressing, weeding, edging
  • Mulching / composting beds
  • Pruning trees and hedges
  • Deadheading plants & hedges
  • Sweeping paved areas
  • Monitoring irrigation system and reporting
  • Irrigation maintenance

SALI Landscaping Awards

Sandown Campus, Parklands – Gold award

Blackwood, Hout Bay – Gold award and a trophy award

Waterstone West, Century City – Gold Award

The Centinel – Gold Award

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