Plant trees for National Arbor Week

Plant trees for National Arbor Week

The first week of September is Arbor Week where all South Africans come together to celebrate the importance of trees for our planet.

Trees are essential for biodiversity in our ecosystems. They absorb carbon dioxide and provide a place for birds to roost. In our gardens, trees provide height interest, shade and structure in the landscape.

Are you contemplating a tree for your garden? Consider a South African indigenous species. A trees species that is indigenous to your area will be best suited to your local climate and will thrive in the natural temperature, rainfall and soil conditions.

Celebrate National Arbor Week by planting trees in a good soil mix.

Before deciding on which tree to plant, make a list of the trees you like. Now consider the space you have available and the space, size and root systems of these trees. It is also worth taking note of the tree’s fruit and flowers and whether it is evergreen or deciduous.

Plant indigenous trees such as the apricot coral tree (Erythrina lysistemon)

Mediums to use when planting a tree:

• Mix Culterra Compost with your garden soil, at a ratio of one part to one part in the hole of the tree.
Culterra Compost and Culterra Mushroom Compost are totally natural and made from dead and decaying organic plant material.

Culterra mushroom compost is manufactured from spent mushroom compost from the mushroom growing industry. The product is ideal for adding to sandy or clayed soils to improve plant growth.

Culterra compost mixes will improve the water-holding capacity and air filled porosity of the soil, which in turn assists with plant growth. The introduction of compost to the soil introduces microbes to the vicinity of the plant roots which are essential for releasing plant nutrients to the roots.

* Culterra Landscapers Mix is a mixture of 50% topsoil and 50% compost. Culterra landscapers mix can be used for filling flowerbeds, large flower boxes and planting trees. It is also a good medium for back filling garden beds.

* Culterra Mulch. Manufactured from pine bark, Culterra mulch forms a protective covering over the soil, reducing evaporation and increasing aeration. Mulching helps reduce salt stress on plants.

Once you have planted the tree, spread a thick layer of mulch across the roots – up to the drip line. This will keep roots cool in summer, discourage weeds and help to keep the moisture in the soil.

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