Three landscaping solutions to save water

Three landscaping solutions to save water

Capetonians may have weathered the drought but water problems are not going away in the foreseeable future. It has citizens digging for boreholes, planting indigenous water-wise plants and investing in grey water recycling systems.

The 22 March is World Water Day, water is a basic human right, for thousands have lived without love but no one without water. This is why it is vital to use water resources sustainable at home, in the office, the garden and everything you do.

BERA has some of its own environmentally-friendly, water-wise solutions to offer the discerning Western Cape gardener.

Permeable gravel paving stabilisation system

Rainwater restocks underground water supplies that is essential for boreholes. In Europe nonpermeable surfaces are taxable because concreate and tarmac surfaces contribute to urban water runoff. Urban water runoff is the collection of rainwater created by urbanization that contributes to off point pollution and flooding.

BERA Gravel Fix, an international gravel stabilisation product, not only reduces weed growth and gravel loss, but allows water to get directly back into the ground through a one-way permeable membrane. Gravel, in the Cape summers, is also cooler than pavements and artificial turf.

Planting a tree or a garden can be stressful in a drought; however, Urbanscape Green Flocks saves up to 50% water.

The flocks are made from spun down volcanic rocks that increases water and air retention in the soil. The volcanic rock also has a high mineral content that aid a plant’s root growth.

Another added benefit of Urbanscape Green Flocks as soil amendment, it decreases the weight of substrate and soil making it a very useful product for green roofs and pot plants.

How it works. Purchase a bag of Urbanscape Green Flocks when planting a tree or beginning a landscape installation. When digging the holes add a few of the blocks to the soil medium and plant as normal.

Urbanscape Green Rolls for garden lawns

The grass is always greener with Urbanscape Green Rolls. Place the roll under a new lawn installation that can save water by up to 50%. Urbanscape Green Rolls, like the flocks, is an absorbent mineral fibre made from volcanic rocks.

It’s the type of grey carpet treatment your lawn needs.

Urbanscape Green Flocks are made from spun down volcanic rocks that can increase water and air retention in the soil.

BERA Gravel Fix is an international gravel stabilisation product which provides a permeable layer that allows rainwater to filter into the ground.

Place Urbanscape Green Rolls – absorbent mineral fibre made from volcanic rocks – under your lawn.