Why permeable gravel surfaces is an option for a holiday home

Why permeable gravel surfaces is an option for a holiday home

Managing a holiday home remotely can be a source of stress for home owners. The garden needs like weeded, watered, mowed and pruned. Most second home owners rely on garden service companies to maintain their gardens while they are not there.

However, there are ways to make your holiday home garden more self-sufficient, eco-friendly and hassle free, one such way is through gravel paving or gravel surfaces.

Why choose gravel paving and driveways

Firstly gravel is porous; this means that when it rains water is absorbed directly into the ground reducing the risk of flooding while you’re not there.

An added benefit is it reduces urban water runoff and allows water to replenish ground water supplies while watering the garden, ideal for water short cities like Cape Town.

Gravel surfaces are a lot more eco-friendly than non-permeable surfaces. Concrete surfaces allow puddles or stagnant water bodies to form creating a breeding ground for unwanted mosquitos. Gravel results in lower surface temperatures than non-permeable paving, reducing urban heat island effect.

Why use BERA Gravel Fix Pro for you holiday home

Gravel surfaces are not without complications; BERA Gravel Fix Pro aims to reduce issues home owners may have with gravel driveways or paths.

Gravel stones get washed away or sink into the ground and therefore need to be replaced. Gravel surfaces often end up uneven in high foot traffic areas and can look messy at the edges.

BERA Gravel Fix Pro, is a Polypropylene sheet with a one-way permeable membrane that allows water through, whilst keeping the gravel surface even and reducing stone loss, while withstanding the weight of vehicles and reducing urban water runoff. An added benefit is gravel surfaces using BERA’s gravel stabilisation system are wheel and shoe-friendly.

BERA also offers an aluminium edging system, called T-Edge Pro to define hardscapes, pathways, flowerbeds and gravel driveways.

Because gravel is porous weeds are able to take hold. The membrane in BERA Gravel Fix Pro prevents weeds from breaking the surface of the soil. If weeds do start growing in the gravel they are superficial and can be pulled out quickly and efficiently.

BERA Gravel Fix Pro is cradle-to-cradle certified and made from recycled plastic.