World Soil Day – Grow food in healthy soil

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves – Mahatma Gandhi

Long before modern society put a name and date to the importance of soil, the great father of the Indian nation – Mahatma Gandi – recognised a dying mastery and what the implications would be for society. For Gandhi, digging and tending to the soil signified so much more than simply preparing a field for crops.

It represented an understanding of nature, an appreciation for natural resources and the ability to create; to grow and cultivate not only food to sustain one’s physical self, but also one’s spiritual self, through a bond with this earth that supports all life.

Celebrate World Soil Day

This World Soil Day (5 December) is dedicated to the theme Where Food Begins.

It is estimated that 95% of our food is produced through soil, either directly or indirectly. This means that the quality of almost all our food is dependent on the health of our earth’s soil.

Yet across the world soil nutrient loss and degradation through erosion, organic matter depletion, salinization, contamination and compaction threaten this valuable, non-renewable resource. In turn, poor soil quality has a negative impact on global food security.

Soils: Where Food Begins is the 2022 campaign to bring children and adults from all walks of life back down to earth! Knowing your soil type is the first key to growing nutritious food so take the time to assess your natural garden soil. Download poster here.

For tips on identifying and maintaining a healthy soil, check out Culterra’s catalogue or contact Culterra for a soil analysis. Once you understand the structure of your soil you’ll be able to add the correct organic matter and minerals to optimise its quality. You can also focus on planting the fruit, vegetables and herbs best suited to your garden.

Make a difference this 5th of December by recruiting a friend, a neighbour or a child to help you dig your earth and tend your soil. Educate them on the importance of a healthy soil for healthy food.

Show them how to sow seeds, nurture and water the seedlings, and witness the growth of organic greens. Inspire others through your own garden by sharing your fresh produce and encouraging them to grow their own.

And this Christmas, gift someone with a bag of soil and a packet of seeds to honour the earth and the origin of food. Let us not forget ourselves.

Soils: Where food begins…