Introducing Agapanthus BLACKJACK

South Africa welcomes Agapanthus BLACKJACK.

Following two decades of complex hybridising in a cutting-edge breeding program, South Africans are now celebrating the arrival of Agapanthus BLACKJACK.

Andy de Wet and Quinton Bean have spent years crossing, combining, and recombining thousands of carefully selected agapanthus varieties to produce BLACKJACK.

Their mission has always been to breed plants that are suitable for South African conditions, as well as being a superb choice for domestic and commercial landscaping.

Where did BLACKJACK come from? BLACKJACK is the latest agapanthus to come out of a world-class breeding program based in Hartbeespoort, north of Johannesburg and west of Pretoria (Tshwane).

In 1995, Andy de Wet embarked on the breeding of new and exciting Agapanthus cultivars on a small scale. Agapanthus BLUE ICE was among a host of exciting new cultivars released during these pioneering days.

In 2005, Quinton Bean joined Andy de Wet and together they jointly stepped up this early pioneering work into a serious breeding program with clear objectives.

It took about 17 years to finally select ‘THE ONE’ out of many, many thousands of other possible candidates, each of whom was rejected for lacking one or more of many required characteristics.

In short, the parentage of Agapanthus BLACKJACK is extremely complex.

Having finally selected Agapanthus BLACKJACK, Andy and Quinton put BLACKJACK through thorough trials to confirm that this new hybrid of indigenous agapanthus would pass a series of horticultural test factors.

Agapanthus BLACKJACK is the result.

BLACKJACK is vigorous in growth and flowering, disease resistant and stable – with no hidden flaws.
A superb plant choice for landscapers and gardeners.

Interested in learning more? Interesting in ordering this plant for your next landscaping project?

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