Winners: 2018 SALI Awards of Excellence

“Winning the top industry award was very humbling, but equally ecstatic,” said Jenneth Prinsloo of Plantwise

Who were the winning entries at the South African Landscaper’s Institute 2018 Awards of Excellence?

Below are details of the ten SALI trophy winners for 2018 + short biographies of the two individual recipients of SALI Honours.

1. The SALI Shield for Excellence in Landscaping – The 2018 Overall Award

Presented by: Morne Faulhammer

TO: Tswellapele Plants and Microzone Trading – Joint Venture for American International Schools in Johannesburg – Playground Equipment

This year’s SALI shield is awarded to a contractor that has managed to achieve a standard in specialized construction yet to have been seen in our industry.
The innovative and artistic approach of this unique project is truly outstanding.
When a SALI principle member manages to excel in a niche market such as this contractor has done, the award is a recognition of their pursuit of excellence.
The proof of their success is partly based on the high satisfaction index that their end user customers, aged an average of 10 years old, has bestowed upon them.
Congratulations to a project that is artistic, educational, functional and was implemented to the highest standards possible.
First Awarded: 1993 SALI Conference – Mount Grace


2. Efekto Floating Trophy for the Best Landscape Construction with In-house Design

Presented by: Jan Swanepoel

TO: Life Landscapes for Keyes Ave Green Wall

This project has set a new standard in South Africa for not only vertical garden design but also with regards to plant species utilization.
The contractor has managed to replicate nature by using plants that have arguably never been used in such an instillation before.
The bold use of Highveld grasses in a vertical wall garden together with aloe species has culminated in an end product that is a true feast for the eye.
The way in which this project has managed to bring nature into a busy urban commercial street, transforming the space, is truly magnificent.
We wait in anticipation to see how the site will transform itself through the seasons to provide the artistic space with a truly changing canvass.
First Awarded: 2006 at the SAGIC Convention in Durban


3. The Just Trees Trophy for the Best Landscape Construction with Design by Others

Presented by: Oliver Ryder

TO: FSG Property Services for Maropeng

A unique instillation that incorporates all elements of a well-rounded landscape project.
The contractor must be commended for interpreting the intent of the design and making practical improvements to facilitate a better construction on completion.
The wonderful design element of the tree staking and the way in which they were constructed should be a lesson to all SALI contractors on how tree staking should be implemented.
The high level of soil preparation that was done to the poor on site soil, is evident in the amazing growth of all the plant species on site.
Not only does the plant pallet invite visitors to wonder through the garden it also was seen to attract an abundance of bird species.
Good drainage and compaction of the sloping grassed areas will ensure that the site will be able to handle the high volume of traffic that it was designed for.
The consistency in which the exposed aggregate walkways were constructed bears testament to the attention to detail given throughout the construction of this project.
A special mention must be given to the outstanding way in which the lighting was installed to create the desired effect.
First Awarded: 2007 at the SAGIC Convention at Wild Coast Sun


4. Tshala Plant Brokers Trophy for the Best Environmental Landscape Work

Presented by: Ashley Proper

TO: JPJ Landscapes for Hilton Quarry Office Park

A wonderful rehabilitation project that shows what can be achieved through many years of commitment by a contractor.
A site which was once heavily infested with alien invasive species has been transformed into a small oasis of sanctuary, for all wildlife to enjoy.
The high degree of involvement by the client shows a unique understanding of the importance of rehabilitating such areas that were created by mining practices.
The once disused quarry now boasts a unique range of vegetation that has established itself in a vast range of micro climates that are found on the site.
The use of propagating on-site plant material that thrives in the area is to be commended.
The amazing ability for plants to establish themselves in an area almost devoid of topsoil shows that with the correct choice of plant species anything is possible.
First Awarded: 2009 at the SAGIC Convention at Lord Charles, Cape Town


5. The Evergreen Turf Trophy for the Best Specialised Turf Construction

Presented by: Fanus Cloete

TO: Servest Landscaping & Turf for Eduplex – Multi Side Astro

The outstanding design and robust construction of this project make it a worthy winner of this category.
The attention to construction detail is evident in the way in which the drainage levels have been implemented, ensuring year-round use of the facility.
The incorporation of clever flood lighting that does not bother, the local residents, have also ensured that the facility can be utilised to its maximum.
The construction is robust and the materials used will ensure that this facility is used for many years to come with minimum maintenance being required.
First Awarded: 2007 at the SAGIC Convention at the Wild Coast Casino


6. The Lawnmower Clinic Trophy for the Best Landscape & Turf Maintenance

Presented by: Rudi Kruger

TO: Bidvest Top Turf for Gary Player Country Club

Consistent, is the best word that can be used to describe the maintenance of this world class golf course.
The overall quality of the course attests to the proper feeding program and pest control that is applied.
The course is subject to high volumes of use throughout the year.
Correct management of the irrigation system has improved the water usage on the field and massive water savings have been achieved.
Few contractors can attest to this high level of attention to detail.
The equipment used on this site is extremely well maintained.
The maintenance staff should be commended for their outstanding quality of work.
First Awarded: 2007 at the SAGIC Convention at the Wild Coast Casino


7. The Reliance Compost Trophy for the Best Specialised Landscape Construction

Presented by: Morne Faulhammer

TO: Tswellapele Plants and Microzone Trading a Joint Venture for American International Schools in Johannesburg – Playground Equipment

A landscape project that required a high degree of specialisation in both the design and construction of very technical playground equipment.
The contractor had a very short time frame in which to complete this instillation as they could only work during the school holidays.
The contractor managed to make optimal use of the area given to them for the playground.
The natural slope was incorporated into the overall design to make the experience for the children playing on the equipment one of variation and enticement.
The high degree of safety that has been incorporated into the project is commendable.
The contractor has a good grasp of the motor skills development that is required by the large age group using this playground.
First Awarded: 2007 at the SAGIC Convention at the Wild Coast Casino


8. The Rand Water Floating Trophy for the Best Water Wise entry

Presented by: Leslie Hoy

TO: Over the Garden Wall for House Constas

When a garden has been designed and planted using all the basic principles of waterwise gardening it can only be commended for the final result achieved.
Too often a waterwise garden is reflected as having only aloes and succulents. In this garden the contractor has managed to bring together an abundance of waterwise plants that thrive on this site with the minimal use of water.
The well placed and designed vegetable garden together with the grape vines on the trellising shows that a large-scale kitchen garden can be achieved with minimal use of water.
Proper grouping of plants that have the same water requirements have minimized the use of the non-potable irrigation.
It is evident that the soil preparation on this site was of the highest standard.
First Awarded: 2000 at the 1st SAGIC Convention at the Drakensberg Sun


9. The Bristle Cone Nursery Floating Trophy for the Most Innovative and Original use of Plant Material

Presented by: Leon Scholtz

TO: Keith Kirsten Horticulture International for Lourensford Wine Estate

This garden has an endless list of plant species that have been combined into an eclectic mix of fragrance, color, shape and form.
The garden represents a horticultural dream of plant combinations.
The site has many aspects and climatic changes to deal with thought the year, which has been overcome by the intelligent use of the correct plants.
The clever use of both indigenous and exotics to intertwine both the familiar with the unknown, has resulted in a garden that offers both overseas visitors and locals a feast of the senses.
The plant selection lends itself to both the cultural and historical importance of the location.
First Awarded: 2011 at the SAGIC Convention at Glen Burn Lodge


10. The MayFord Floating Trophy for the Best use of Colour in Landscaping

Presented by: Omphile Sehoole

TO: Servest Landscaping & Turf for Gold Reef City Casino

The landscape contractor has managed to capture the original intent of not only the buildings architecture but has through the correct use of color added to the ambiance of the location.
This garden is beautifully maintained with good hedging of the various shrubs on site.
The planting pallet that varies between mass planting of single bright colors to a mixed planting of pastel shades draws in a visitor to this garden.
The challenge of having year-round colour has been well executed by the contractor.
First Awarded: 2009 at the SAGIC Convention at Lord Charles, Cape Town


11. SALI National Judges Discretionary Award: Awarded to Leon Scholtz

Presented by: Morne Faulhammer – SALI National Judge


The 2018 SALI National Judges’ Discretionary Award goes to a person who has had a long-distinguished career in the landscaping industry and epitomizes all the characteristics of a knowledgeable, hardworking and well-liked member of the SALI community.
This year’s recipient … grew up in Mondeor, to the south of Johannesburg and matriculated from President High School in 1972.
After two years in the air force, he received a bursary from the Johannesburg Municipality to study horticulture at Pretoria Technicon.
At the Pretoria Technicon he studied with Peet van der Merwe, Allan Ralph and Mike Gibbons.
While studying he started growing plants and doing landscaping after hours and over weekends.
After graduating, he worked at the Huddle Park Municipal Nursery and Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.
In 1980, he became a full-time grower on his property at Orange Farm and in 1983, opened a retail nursery in Rifle Range Road, Johannesburg.
He supplied plants to landscapers and served on the committee that launched Plant Plan – the country’s first plant marketing organisation – with GB Braak, Mary Matthews and Val Wamsteker.
In 1992, his wholesale nursery at Orange Farm was expropriated by the government. Increasingly interested in growing plants, he decided to sell his garden centre in Rifle Range Road and he moved his wholesale nursery to Hartbeeshoek in Skeerpoort.
Over the next 20 years, he continued to be an SALI Supplier Member, importing, growing and bulking up many plant varieties to the benefit of the landscaping industry.
As an active member of the SAGIC Invasive Species Negotiating Team, he was a major influence on the government’s decision NOT to pursue a policy to remove lone gum trees in the Karoo.
He also convinced government that removing the willows along the Vaal River would cause catastrophic soil erosion. On account of his efforts, willows were never listed as invasive species in South Africa.
This year’s National Judge’s Award recipient has served as a SALI regional judge and remains one of the most knowledgeable plant experts in the landscaping industry.
Such is his passion for plants, that his family will tell you he has no hobbies. Plants are his passion, his hobby and his work …. and even on holidays across the world – he visits nurseries and botanical gardens.
This award recognises his passion for plants and how that passion and knowledge has benefitted our landscaping industry for nearly 40 years.
The 2018 SALI National Judges’ Discretionary Award is awarded to Leon Scholtz.


12. SALI National Chairperson’s Discretionary Award: Awarded to Bernadette Eksteen

Presented by: Norah de Wet


The National Chairperson’s Discretionary Award was first presented in 2005 by the SALI National Executive Committee for the purpose of acknowledging individuals who had made a large contribution to the industry but who did not qualify for Honorary Life membership.

In 2018 this award is given to an individual who, over the past number of years, became a valuable participant in the landscaping industry.

Her former lecturer and colleague, Graham Young, recalls our recipient as a dedicated individual, presenting excellent work and showing her professionalism, even as a young student at the University of Pretoria, where she completed her degree in Landscape Architecture.

She has a passion for our industry and systematically took the approach to delve deeply into our field and contribute through her excellent administrative and project management skills.

Apart from being a successful Landscape Architect, the most significant role that she played in our industry was the recent establishing of the registration of the Professional Landscape Manager with the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession.

It has been a long and onerous task in which she was involved from the beginning, right to the final stages of the promulgation of the Act.

She travelled to all SALI regions performing workshops to inform and educate members, and during this process she consulted with the SALI Executive Committee on a regular basis ensuring participation and inclusivity in decisions taken.

Her commitment towards the advancement of the industry is evident in the time and energy that she has invested.

This Discretionary Award is made to Bernadette Eksteen, a friend to SALI, and a champion of the industry.

First Awarded: 2005 SALI Conference